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Full Version: Auction Site Traffic Rankings
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Traffic rankings of online selling channels.  The channels listed include auction sites, fixed price marketplaces and malls, barter sites, classified sites, and comparison shopping engines.

note: the list currently only includes US selling channels

(numbers shown are unique monthly visitors || stats source: compete.com)

Monthly visitors by the numbers - September 2010:

Amazon 71,337,973
eBay 65,400,052
craigslist 61,228,494
NexTag (CSE) 16,476,605
Pronto (CSE) 9,717,494
TheFind (CSE) 9,122,088
Shopzilla (CSE) 8,543,092
Smarter.com (CSE) 7,978,823
Autotrader 6,425,572
Etsy 5,709,927
Shopping.com (CSE) 5,689,764
Buy.com 4,778,841
Kaboodle (CSE) 4,477,512
Pricegrabber Storefronts 4,099,831
Become.com (CSE) 3,718,212
Oodle 3,628,019
eBayClassifieds.com 3,579,814
Shop.com (CSE) 2,381,024
Backpage 2,360,275
iOffer 2,002,109
ShopWiki (CSE) 2,241,605
Alibris 1,511,945
GunBroker.com 1,391,829
Like (CSE) 1,377,790
DealsPl.us (CSE) 1,334,603
AbeBooks 1,332,428
eCrater 1,330,864
OLX.com 1,199,092
Vast 1,190,339
Bonanzle 961,291
StyleFeeder (CSE) 727,482
ThisNext (CSE) 707,890
Hoobly 608,124
RubyLane 570,509
Discogs 547,049
Tias 496,013
DomesticSale 456,996
StyleHive (CSE) 426,640
Liquidation.com 415,281
ArtFire 373,627
GoAntiques 345,433
PropertyRoom 296,158
Ubid 260,864
eBid 259,111
Biblio 255,355
Auctions.Overstock.com 251,000
Ciao.co.uk (CSE) 205,448
Blujay 204,761
Sedo 175,612
Sell.com 167,527
PriceWatch (CSE) 168,223
MusicStack 159,888
IronPlanet 142,662
OldAndSold 140,159
SortPrice (CSE) 130,828
TextBookX 110,462
Bid4Assets 104,071
Trocadero 103,263
PriceScan (CSE) 98,676
Boocoo.com 94,995
BuySellCommunity 92,576
OnlineAuction 88,693
Gemm 88,042
AtomicMall 83,365
Webstore.com 80,528
AtOncer 70,916
ArtPrice 54,801
BidStart 54,281
NewEggMall 50,446
Afternic 42,886
Webidz 34,579
AquaBid 29,988
Wigix 29,669
Flippid 25,860
Teletrade 24,837
AuctionFire 24,819
ePier 21,388
NaughtyBids 19,600
PlayerAuctions 16,660
Pricefalls.com 15,480
Addoway 13,970
Wensy 13,683
Silkfair 10,202
SpecialistAuctions 9,849
GoShopping (CSE) 9,749
Playle 9,622
AlSoShop 9,562
Plunderhere 8,469
4Sale4Now 8,051
SwapAce 7,195
TheSocExchange 7,080
Oltiby 6,788
Auction-Warehouse 6,547
MainStreetMallOnline 5,664
SeeAuctions 5,382
FuzzB 4,615
OvernightAuctions 4,606
Ziing 4,034
Auctions8.com 3,846
BidOnUSA 3,631
IBidFree 3,602
MommyAuctions 3,300
JustBeads 3,285
ArtByUs 3,238
HiBidder 3,029
121Bid 3,029
reFineStyle 2,117
DoveBid 2,019
UShops 1,851
Buntfu 1,756
CHshops 1,638
AuctionQuests 1,227
Gosailboats 823
Usiff 796
ShoppersArena 736
Inetflea 625
Auctic.com 612
Wagglepop 576 (closed long ago, but WP3 is always a possibility  Confusedtolensmiley: )
ModelXchange 462
OKBidNow.net 358
BidSplash 272
YourHighBid 234

The site's listed below receive traffic that is too low to count.   :blinkie:
Romahawk n/a
ScottyDo n/a
AAHAuction.com n/a
Buzzmart n/a
Ziot.com n/a
MoneyAuctionz n/a
USold.net n/a
TheRecordRanch n/a
SellBidAndBuy n/a
We will be updating these charts in the coming weeks to clearly indicate auction sites which have hidden their ownership information on their domain name WHOIS records. 

Clickable links will no longer be provided to auction sites which are using a privacy guard and have hidden their ownership and contact info on their WHOIS records. 
It's been almost 2 years since we updated this chart.  The chart was originally started  by BBH at FAS in October 2004 and he brought it to TT in May 2005 when he manifestoed from FAS but none of us have had time to keep it updated.

You may want to try the 'Channel Traffic Rankings' chart at Flunkies of Fiction for a more current traffic comparison of online selling channels.  Flunkies of Fiction is a new blog started by an outspoken eBay Platinum PowerSeller who wishes to remain anonymous.
The writer of the Flunkies of Fiction blog has agreed to contribute their monthly Channel Traffic Rankings chart to TT so we've retired the Auction Site Traffic Rankings chart which hadn't been updated since October 2006.

I did make one slight change to FofF's chart.  I changed their original "you are truly a moron!" wording to "you are making a mistake and lacking in business sense!"  Confusedtolensmiley:
More US sites were added to the list.
The traffic charts were updated today for the first time in nearly 2 years.

Amazon is now #1, and craigslist is closing in on #2 eBay.

not included on the chart are 2 large US marketplaces: Sears Marketplace and Go Daddy Marketplace, and most non-U.S. venues.

p.s. If you're looking for your favorite PSU Auction Site Count chart clown site (essentially everything ranked below #5 on their chart), scroll down the list, way down, way, way, way down to find your favorite rinky dink site.  Confusedtolensmiley: