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Full Version: Guess What my favorite pop or soda is?
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non-alcoholic!  Smileydrinkpepsi
Diet Pepsi?
Pepsi Max ;D

p.s. If you say no I'll cry,  :'(  so please, please pick my answer  Angel8

Nope, sorry it's not Pepsi Max!!!  Blob8

(although I do have to settle for pepsi since my choices are now limited!)  Occasion18
mountain dew?  Thumbsup
coca-cola  Wave
african or european??

Oops, I mean . . . is it found in the US or a Greek novelty?
Dr Pepper
Jen, it's a US product but it's not sold here.  Actually one of you came very close, but since the couple other products that they came up with a few years ago have different names, I think I'll keep this poll open.    ;D
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