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Full Version: Natural Light: How to shed light on dark photos with digital cameras
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Quote:... how to use a digital camera that takes perfectly exposed snaps without using a flash.

Flash photography can be horrible. In the hands of an expert who knows how to bounce all that searing bright light in the right direction, it may make an impossible picture workable. In the clumsy grip of the average ham-fisted snap merchant like me, even the smartest of digital cameras can paint human skin a deathly shade of white, turn human eyes red and, for some strange reason, dogs' eyes green...

full article: http://technology.guardian.co.uk/weekly/...50,00.html
There's not much to it, really. Just use natual light, timed exposure, and take several pictures with different settings. Don't pay attention to our pictures, I'm not taking them and Diger won't listen. Smileyyellowbang