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Full Version: from Bidville.com!
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I just received this in my email. Haven't listed there yet, but have signed up.

Important Site Information from Bidville.com!

In order to make several backend improvements to the site, the Bidville.com site will be unavailable Friday, November 3rd at 9am thru Monday, November 6th. We apologize for this inconvenience.

They're open today.
[quote author=sneakymagenta link=topic=5759.msg30971#msg30971 date=1162761686]
They're open today.

"Does it matter?", said 3-year Bidville member BBH.  ;D

The views to our items on BV have been very consistent over the years: the vast majority of our items end with 0 views, a few with 1 view, and once in a while we'll have a really hot item that gets 2-5 views.  Our last group of 197 auctions ended with a combined 29 views.  80% of the items listed on the site are in the sports card categories, and the majority of non-sports item sales on the site are seller-to-seller.

EDIT: I believe Stardust, Thentavius, and a few others have had similar experiences with BV.
I sold 3 pieces of inexpensive sheet music on BV.  Then I closed all my listings, and instantly sold an $8 piece of music that had been sitting there for months, with a panicked "what happened to xxx?".  Lesson learned there is to never park items forever ANYWHERE!!

Peeps were horrid.  BidVille emails were the same sickening "We miss you".  I finally unsubscribed to their emails.  Never even looked into their *stores*, because I knew it was a losing cause from the gitgo. 

I've always actually considered the site a total and complete scam of some sort, just wasn't sure what, exactly...
Laughing7 They sent me a survey recently and I told them I had signed up long ago but, after seeing the way their boards operated I wanted nothing to do with selling or buying there. I also said that I couldn't imagine them every being able to revive a dead horse.  Snorting
Quote:I also said that I couldn't imagine them every being able to revive a dead horse.  snorting

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