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Full Version: eBay Refuses to Fight Identity Theft On Its Site
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Quote:6/23 someone "buys now" a set of party favors. Weird, I look at the bid, and this person lives in the same town. Even stranger, they have the same last name as me and first initial. I look at the auction and then look at my feedback and this person has left me a negative feedback with my full contact information, 4 minutes after they bid on the item. I pull up their contact information, and they signed up AS ME. Worse, their bidder list shows they had bought quite a few expensive items (or tried to) in the last few days. They paid for none, as they soon started getting negative feedback for non-payment. (They negged each of these poor sellers in return, as well.)

At this point, I email eBay a little panicked. This person is impersonating me, and now I feel harassed and even stalked. I request feedback removal, and I also email eBay (twice) requesting that they do something, and mentioned that I was starting to feel threatened by this person.

It took eBay 6 days to respond, and when they did, it was amazingly long, told me nothing really (except how to cancel bids)...

The complete post by the eBay PowerSeller who had her business wrecked and became a victim of both identity theft and cyberstalking is here:


Quote:She had to make the feedback on her other ID private because the criminal had left over 100 Negs under various made up usernames, including one using the victim's own name and address. ~Bob

The bolded parts are what is commonly known as identity theft.

eBay has done absolutely nothing even when presented with evidence that its services have been used to commit the federal crime of identity theft.

eBay has taken the token measure of suspending a few of the original buyer's many IDs (he has used over a dozen), but his main buying/selling ID (the one he made his first purchase with) is still active.

eBay's complete lack of verification of new users and its longstanding refusal to fight fraud on its site by instituting tougher verification of new registrants make eBay one of the most UNSAFE venues to buy and sell around.

Compare eBay's lax verification of new users with the credit checks/business verifications/income checks that sellers in BuySafe, O's Trusted Merchant Program, uB**, or B*dz must undergo and it is clear that eBay is NOT doing all it could to fight fraud, identity theft, and other crimes that are committed on its site--crimes that are made all the easier to commit because of eBay's lax registration policies.

eBay talks of caring for its community and community values, but its unwillingness to protect its community from fraud and other crimes shows that eBay cares little about the people (buyers and sellers) in its community, and only uses its marketing gimmick of "community values" as another tool to fatten its bottom line.

FYI-You're wrong Bob...not 100 negatives but actually over 150 negatives have been left by this cyberstalker during the past month.
eBay's solution to identity theft and cyberstalking is apparently to remove the thread from the eBay Stores board in an attempt to cover up the problem while doing absolutely nothing to help the seller who continues to be victimized by this buyer (he left her 4 more negatives with another one of his many posting IDs yesterday).  The buyer's main ID is still active.
eBay has now suspended the VICTIM while allowing cyberstalker/identity thief boss_40 to remain an active user.

This is something I posted on another board on June 1st:

Quote:..or am I being totally insane here, thinking ebay may help you

that depends on where [cyberstalker's name]. from Georgia regularly hangs out (and since he attempted to use smilie symbols in some of his feedback I'd be willing to bet where he hangs out is an eBay board). eBay's Trust & Safety department has a tendency to overlook auction interference if it was committed by one of the delusional self-appointed vigilantes that frequent certain eBay boards (and eBay also overlooks actual crimes that some of these self-styled vigilante idiots commit in their misguided pursuit of what they perceive to be "justice").

Here's what eBay does about auction interference when it is committed by one of their volunteer vigilante force...they have a pink post a note on the boards (and let the idiots continue to commit auction interference):


eBay's complete lack of verification during registration regularly allows crap like this to happen to both sellers and buyers
...and eBay has now NARU'd Pirate's second selling ID.  The fucking scumbag buyer is still an active user.  How nice!  :Smile

...can we say FUCK YOU EBAY!  Thefinger

Unbelievable.  The inmates are running the asylum. Tongue3
Can we say double boink YOU EBAY! Thefinger Thefinger Nono
Let me first say that I am NOT defending eBay.  They treated Rebekah HORRIBLY.

Rebekah was pretttty stressed out over eBay allowing another member to RUIN her business.  Is there any possibility that she had herself NARU?
[quote author=Anita link=topic=22.msg328#msg328 date=1122952596]
Is there any possibility that she had herself NARU?

Her 2nd ID had 100% positive feedback with FB of over100 (not to mention active listings and a store) so there wasn't any reason for her to want that ID closed.  I'm sure that ID was reported for continuing to sell/use the site after the 1st ID was NARU'd...and I'm fairly sure that if you get NARU'd but continue to use a 2nd ID they turn it into a permanent suspension.  Sad
[quote author=Anita link=topic=22.msg7468#msg7468 date=1137009523]
Looks like something similar is happening to WoodLand


eBay removed the negative feedback the buyer left 5 minutes after winning the item but left the buyer's comment and followup  :Smile



The buyer also left similar remarks for 15 other sellers last night before the 4 negatives he received in return automatically NARU'd his account.  He/she seems like a kid just targeting random sellers, unlike Pirate's stalker who specifically targeted her listings for over a month.  Pirate's stalker's main selling ID was never NARU'd.
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