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Full Version: Online retailers need to innovate more
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Quote:In his presentation titled “How eBay will Continue Reshaping the E-Retialing Industry,” Gary Briggs, chief marketing officer at eBay, challenged his counterparts in attendance at the show to think more outside the box.

“Online retail is rapidly maturing but we are not doing enough to innovate,”...

Also, retailers are not coming up with their own ideas but merely copying others.

“There is a lot more to offer than just free shipping,” Mr. Briggs said. “Free shipping is important but when I go to Web sites and look at how the marketing is done, there has to be more than free shipping to compete.”...

full article: http://www.dmnews.com/cms/dm-news/e-commerce/41360.html
How many more times can someone at ebay say "Free Shipping" ?? That line is getting old, too.