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Full Version: The SEO Benefits Of Reclaiming Trademarked Names From Cybersquatters
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Quote:Many of the legal departments for frequently searched companies have a well defined domain strategy to manage brand assets, facilitate go-to-market initiatives, and halt trademark infringement and criminal activities. Part of this process is to monitor the registration of domains that contain a trademark, determine if the domain is being used illegally (i.e. in commerce), and if it is, initiate steps to acquire the domain.

Because the internet makes it easy to create fraudulent storefronts and consumers are conditioned to trust brand names and logos, this is a primary business concern that affects the bottom line and brand reputation.

What I want to illustrate here is how the acquisition of externally registered domains by your legal department comes with a rarely known or utilized bonus for online marketing initiatives...

full article: http://imediaconnection.com/content/16278.asp