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Full Version: Big Brother Dept: Mumbai Police to Require Internet Cafes to Install Keyloggers
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Quote:A few days ago, Mumbai’s police revealed their plans to install keystroke loggers in Mumbai’s cyber cafes, besides imposing licensing requirements on them.

This is done ostensibly to fight terrorism, and here are the implications for you and me. Whenever we surf from a Mumbai cyber café, everything we type will automatically be captured on record. Our email passwords, every message we type, the sites we visit, the pictures we download: everything will be stored in police records, rendering us, effectively, naked in their eyes.

If we buy stuff online, our credit card details will also get saved. Will these end up getting sold in a black market somewhere? Not unlikely...

full article: http://indiauncut.com/iublog/article/ind...orwellian/
Nice---between India and China there are 2.4 billion people whose online activities are closely monitored.    :Smile